Iím about to head to Alaska to go hunting with a buddy in Fairbanks. Heís a very experienced Lynx hunter but we decided to get adventurous... weíre going to head way up north, deep into the Arctic circle to try for some additional species - Arctic Fox, wolf or Wolverine. Iím a very experienced S. Texas predator hunter but this is going to be a WHOLE lot different for me. Especially the 70į-100į temperature drop!! Anyway.... Iím looking for some sounds I can get to use targeting wolves and wolverine; but FoxPro doesnít have much. Anyone have other suggestions on where to go look? Iím kinda thinking that some moose and caribou distress sounds would be really useful. What do yall think? I read that Feb is breeding time for wolves but I also heard they donít respond well to wolf vocals. Would something like a female in estrous be any good or a breeding pair or challenge call be effective since Iíll be hunting at the very end of Jan?

Any help or tips I can get, from guys with experience in these 2 species, would sure be appreciated!
Sabinal, TX

God Bless our troops - ESPECIALLY our snipers!!!