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I respect everyone's opinion here, but I have to disagree. I have used Lee products for over 30 years. Their dies have never let me down. I have had some issues with a few of their products, but all in all they work fine for me. I'm no competition benchrest shooter. Just a hunter and recreational shooter. Obviously I'm not trying to say Lee is the best. That wouldn't be true. Their dies, presses, and other equipment can give good value for the money for the guy that can't afford the high end equipment. That's all. If other brands work better for your application, then more power to you.


I have a few Lee collet dies, not enough to condemn them. And over the years I have seen lots of post's like this from people that love their Lee stuff and have had success with it. I think Lee's problem is they try to be different and then it's a matter of getting used to one thing or another they do. The lock rings on my Lee dies I hate but, simple to remove them and replace. /all my Lee die's, two or three set's, have very old Herter lock rings on them and no more problem. I have Lee sizing dies for my cast bullet's. Also have a Lyman 450. The 450 is better looking, good cool factor but the Lee set up does pretty much the same thing!

Most my dies are RCBS and I haven't one bad thing to say about them, they just work! My favorite are my Redding but they work the same as my other dies! Look better though. Speaking of looks, got a new set of Lyman dies and like the way they look. They work no worse or better than any of my other dies! Haven't used my old Herter dies in over 30 yrs but would bet they still work right! Something I think about different brands is a lot of us get caught up with a favorite maker for one reason or another and never realize they all do pretty much the same thing and if they are different in some way, like those junk lock rings on the Lee dies, easy fix but many of up prefer to talk them down, good bad or indifferent!

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