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I used the 223 for years, killed a bunch of critters, but eventually wanted more horsepower. Went to the 223AI then to the 22 Creedmoor, and the difference is night and day.

I still own and use 223s, but if I am calling anything that has the potential to present a shot over 300yd, I am toting something bigger.

I can ditto this....
I used to use .22-250 and hunting buddy has always used .223, and both kill.

The past 2 years I also used a .223 and really enjoy it...BUT I have noticed way more "runners". No problem retrieving them but I think I just started to be aware of it.

This year I switched to a 6DTI. I fricken love this caliber in an AR platform and I used to hate AR's tongue_smilie
With this setup, I'm 12/12 including one 500 yard and multiple 300+ yard dogs...with NO runners. This setup has me gleaming with confidence that one loves to have with his rifle. My buddy and his .223 with 55's had multiple vital shot runners just this last week.

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