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Good info here and food for thought. I don't tend to shoot (rifles, anyway) or hunt in hot weather and my area doesn't have extremely cold weather (we love it if it is actually freezing or below, hunting is usually better), so I guess it's never been a big issue. But something to keep in mind if say, I were going to hunt elsewhere in temps colder than are typical for me. My most used rifle powders recently have been AA-2230 (.223), Reloder 15 (.308), and H-4350 (6.5 Rem. Mag.). I know none of those are "stabilized" powders, but how do those tend to rate on the sensitivity scale?

H4350 is actually one of the most stable powders out there right up with Varget. I have heard mixed opinions on RL15, I have 5 lbs but havent tested it yet. Not sure about 2230, is it ball or extruded?
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