Who says we are not beat already?

As I see it, this is how it stands.

No rule of law.
Two tier justice system in place.
Compromised court system.
Corrupt FBI
Swampy DOJ
MSM with an agenda and does not mind lying to achieve it
Big Tech with all the money

Let's see.

You can burn and loot businesses, but defend your own home and get arrested.
You can bleach bit servers with no consequences if you are of the right party.
You can be ordered by a Supreme Court judge to allow poll watchers and still refuse it.
You can be ordered by a District Judge to not tamper with the Dominion voting servers and still wipe them clean.
All of your Koof mandates are declared unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court and you thumb your nose and say screw you.
You can take hammers to your cell phones after a 3 year long investigation with absolutely no consequences.

The lefties played the slow game. They have people in position of power. MSM and big Tech are part of them and nothing is too low for them to attempt.

The only legal recourse we had remaining was the voting booth and now they possess that too.

I won't say what needs to be done, so I will end with this. I am getting kinda old, but I can still climb a water tower.

Wiley E...I place as much value on learning what not to do as I do in knowing what to do.