I made it out last weekend for the first time of the season. Had to wait for all the deer and elk hunters to finish their season.

I got the day started early and was surprised upon reaching my favorite hunting spots. They were all burned to a crisp from the summer fires. Nothing left but a little bit of charred sage brush here and there. I almost turned around and went home but I figured I had made it this far so what the [beeep].

To my surprise I had coyotes answer on my first set but they never did commit. On the walk back to the truck I did spot one and missed a shot at 325. I figure I didn't hold for any wind and it was fairly windy.

Second stand I spooked a rabbit on the way in so I decided to go with rabbit distress on the fox pro. About 10 minutes in I spotted one on a bluff. He was a it over 500 yards out and after watching me for a few minutes he turned and left. Fortunately the wind was right and where he disappeared to would make for a good stalk.

I closed the distance on her and came up over the blue she was spotted on. She was 185 out and bathing in the sun and I put her DRT. When I reached her it was apparent I had done her a favor. She was missing half her lower jaw and one of her ears was split down the middle. She was Very skinny and I believe would have succumbed to the winter that was soon to come.

This picture is where I shot from and you can see her in the picture

Just to put in perspective how burned everything was.