On my third coyote calling stand today I was calling on a open long ridge top with cows and little calves on it.

I was laying prone with my 22-250 and had my X-Wave about 50 yards away from me. After about 5 minutes of playing Jack Rabbit Distress I saw something about 500 to 600 yards away and it didn't look like a calf.

It was a coyote running my way at a high rate of speed. The coyote was only 300 yards away in no time at all so I muted the sound on my X-Wave.

The big female coyote stopped about 50 yards from my X-Wave so I had a good shot right at 100 yards away.
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My next stand has been a very good one for me for at least 10 years now. It is down in the bottom of a huge canyon. The side of this canyon go up 88 foot to 2,000 foot in places on both sides for close to a mile.

The wind is normally blowing up the canyon. I walk down the canyon about 400 yards and set my caller up on the bottom of the canyon. Then I climb up the side of the canyon about 15 yards and sit in some big boulders.

From these boulders I can't see up the canyon very far at all. Since I walk down the canyon from my truck I never thought I would have a coyote approach from the down wind side the way I walked in from my truck.

The canyon bottom is only 50 yards to 150 yards wide so down wind from my caller I thought no coyotes would come in from that way because of my scent and my truck could be seen or smelled.

Today after calling for about 10 minutes I looked a little to my right and saw a coyote walking away from my X-Wave heading back up the canyon. This coyote was right were I walked into the stand from, walking slowly with it's nose close to the ground.

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The above picture is the first picture I took of the coyote.

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The coyote heard my camera and turned and looked towards me where I was sitting in the boulders above the canyon bottom. The way I was sitting in the rocks I could't get a shot off with my shotgun that far to the right.

The coyote didn't have to go far to be completely out of sight. But I did get a picture of it! mad

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I think the Tule Elk around here are more like antelope than they are like Rocky Mountain elk. They are perfectly happy in wide open spaces with no cover. I see them all the time on small hills or ridge tops with no cover at all.
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