Got no shortage of rabbits and it appears Bobcats. Would like to live trap one. I have read about every artical on Predator Masters and now suffer from information overload. I need a sensible strategy for live trapping. I have two cages a bottle of Cat man Do lure, some chicken feathers and two dead squirrels.

The plan is to set one trap up wind of a thicket near a hay field where I have seen the cat twice. The other in a gully where I am finding tracks next to a creek.

I will use the chicken feathers (or Turkey) as a visual. Scatter feathers around the trap and inside over the dirt covered floor. The squirrel tail I will hang in the back by wire and add a bit of lure. Also was going to place lure on a stick outside. I will of course brush in the trap and stake down.

Does this sound like a plasible plan? Thought about Bobcat Urine but read that it attacts to many other critters. Also does anyone have experience with the cat man do?

I know I may be over thinking this but that is the way I am. I put a lot of effort into my projects. Thanks for your help.