Went back North and treated my truck like a proper truck for the weekend.

Dad picked massive standing dead ash and two more leaners that needed to be drug out to load up some firewood for my cousin.

We loaded (6) 14' main trunk sections around 12" with the largest topping out at 15" diameter, with 4 reasonable sized branches also at 14' long. We figure >2k but <3k. Trailer rated for 3500 lbs. Thank God for the bucket loader and the forks.

Towed like a dream down the highway. Smooth and seamless. Coolant was at 194 the whole run and the trans never went over 153 - and that was passing a slow camper on the highway. The remainder of the trip was running in the 143-145 range.

Ran 12.6 mpg with the load on the highway. Nice to know what that number looks like with some real weight back behind her.

This is the tip of the iceberg for wood up there.... we could make another 10 loads like this and not dent the firewood supply there.

Still some nice colors but the weather did a number on half of them already.

Also got the deer shack cleaned and re-insulated. The new insulation - just ¼" accordion foam but still a nice addition. it will need a coat of some flat black paint come next season... but...

I'm ready to hunt here when our firearm season kicks off

3d printed slide latches will hopefully help keep me critter free in the future and not have to deal with the mess we found last weekend again.

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