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Looks like a full time maintenance job.

with this many of them... it can be. we do several repairs/upgrades a year and every few years replace a badly weathered one or do a major overhaul on one.

like anything else - its a labor of love.

we've had them out on the fields for so long at this point - the oldest one is approaching 30 years now... i killed my first buck in it when i was 14 and i'm 43 now - that its just something that gets put on the to-do list every year.

normally we dont have to emergency replace roofs though lol

this is also the worst rodent problem i've had in mine since its been out there in the woods. usually just a mouse nest or two. the only other really bad squirrel issue we had was a couple years ago when one setup shop and decided to chew thru over a foot of pinecones next to the spruces to get to the pine nuts. we shoveled the pinecone duff and cobs out of that one lol

every once in a while a coon will setup shop and make a mess... my brother had the bottom 12 or so inches torn off his blind door this summer out in the middle of the cornfield.
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