Went north this weekend to do some property maintenance, sweep out the blinds for the upcoming firearm season and cut some standing dead ash for firewood.

Got up there and as we got setup to clean the west fence of fallen branches and repost the no hunting/trespassing signs we discovered a large tree top on the roof of one of our blinds.  First time in over 20 years we've had more than a small wrist thick sized branch land on any of our 24 permanent blinds.

A large canopy height maple broke off about 25' up and all 3 tops landed bullseye style right in the roof.

The roof was unsalvageable - every board used to construct it took some level of damage - but the rest of the blind  amazingly survived.  The back left corner post was driven down about 2" but the structure is still otherwise sound.

The shingle layer - somehow- didn't get pierced and there's almost no water damage on the inside.

We went into town and bought a dewalt 20v pole saw and using only a single 5aH battery (amazing tool! Worth way more than the $150 they sell for!)  removed most of the limbs to reduce weight/ tangle and then pulled each section off the roof one at a time with the tractor.  Unbelievable how well that pole saw worked and how efficient it was on power consumption!!!

Roof was replaced with metal roof sheeting and the blind is now dried in and will be cleaned out, sealed against insects and mice/squirrels again this coming weekend.  will get some more pics on the repair when we finish the cleanup - just too wet and tired to care when we were all done.

For reference this blind is 9' to the floor and the front peak is just under 19' in the air, and had a 8x8 roof on it.

The colors were just past peak, and the rain was taking a fair ammount of the canopy down

sure does look pretty back in the woods [beeep]

went over to quickly tack some more insulation into my deer shack to find this mess inside

appears my door upper/lower corner latches came loose and a squirrel somehow wedged himself in and got trapped.  EVERYTHING was on the floor - including the heater and latched storage tote - not to mention all the insulation i installed last year on the lower half of the walls smirk

thankfully karma hit him like a truck tire and he got his tail stuck in the door frame trying to excape and i kicked what was left of his bones/fur off the back steps with my boot.

didn't have the cleanup supplies necessary to deal with it, and we were wiped from getting that tree off the other blind so i'm leaving it for this coming weekend.

Needless to say - the firewood got put in the back  burner, but we left the trailer there and intend to go back up this weekend for round 2...
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