It was just a small black bear sow, probably about 4 years old. Game camera showed her coming around 6:30pm in the daylight. She ransacked my wood piles covered in blue tarps. She had a thing for blue tarps. Bit holes into a bunch of action packers. Just being a young bear. I was down on the ground working on my 4 wheeler when she walked up behind me. I went inside to grab my rifle, she started walking away. I shot her and she ran 10 yards. She wasn't 40 yards from the cabin door to where she lay. She had blue berries out both ends of her. I have never seen so many High Bush Cranberries inside a bear either, just packed full. She also had more than 2 inches of fat on her. I rendered her fat down to 3 big Quart jars and put her in the freezer to hibernate for winter. Just a youngster trying to figure it all out. Heard later she had been hitting the other cabins nearby. Small by our standards for sure, but she had some nerve getting that close to me.