I was lucky enough to win a special North Dakota deer license in a raffle a couple weeks ago. Just receieved the tag in the mail. It is good for any whitetail in any of the deer seasons statewide. Im looking for some input.

I have family land in extreme SW ND that i can hunt and plan to. However there are other people who hunt the property and its not exactly what i would call prime habitat. I also have a few other contacts in the state. Given the obvious opportunity this tag provides im considering all options. Public land, private land, tresspass fees, even going through an outfiiter. Im not looking for your personal honey hole or to use you and your connections to secure a place. Just looking for general areas that would be worth looking into.

Im already doing the internet research i can and will be doing what in person scouting that i can and have the family land already on deck but obviously given the extreme short timeframe to be making plans if anyone would care to share any info that may be usefulbit would be gratefully appreciated.
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