My familiarity with the 6x45 starts with my use of the contender and the 6TCU.
I've used the TCU for years and just recently got into the 6x45.
Most users of the 6x45 are usually AR shooters.
They require the gases needed to cycle the action.
My loads don't have to do anything but leave the barrel.
I haven't pushed my loads to the 6TCU levels yet as I'm thoroughly impressed at it's accuracy.
I plan on using this for whitetail this fall restricting myself to certain, well-placed shots.
The big game laws here require calibers to be of 23 or better, so I'm a minimalist.
87gr. Spire point+ 24gr. of IMR 8208 XBR = around 2500 fps from 14" barrel
I'd love to see the book when it's compiled.

After custom forearm and grip

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