Sneaky Wiley is now one down. I fell asleep in my recliner last night and woke up just before 2 A.M. I decided to scan the field to see if Wiley had made an appearance. I saw what I thought was one coming up the edge of the woods about 500 yds. out, but while I was waiting for it to be certain, Ol' Wiley comes in from the field beside my house to the south and proceeds out to where I have the scraps in the field. He met the Acme Safe Company shortly thereafter.

I left him until this morning and just went and got him about 6:30. He is a little bedraggled because it rained on him earlier this morning, but he is just as dead. Fairly good sized male. Don't know where the other one coming up the side of the field went, and wasn't absolutely sure it was a coyote. Video will be short when I get it uploaded. Range 160 yds.

IMG_0635 by Double Up, on Flickr


Glow Bull Warming:
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