My Squirrel Rifle -Custom Winchester Model 52C patterned after author Charles Landis idea of the perfect squirrel rifle -
The rifle has a Lilja SS barrel which was added by Gordy Gitters. He also reblued the action and other parts and set the trigger pull. The custom chamber is excellent. The stock was prepared and finished by the late John Maxson of Washington Courthouse, Ohio. I purchased the stock from him at the Ohio Gun Collectors show in Wilmington, Ohio (6 shows each year).
I used the original sling swivels from the Model 52 target stock. It weights just over 9 lbs. with the Swarvowski 6 X 18 TDS reticle scope. It is well balanced. I have found that it shoots easily into small groups at 50 yds. using Lapua SS or SK SS ammo. I sighted in to hit on target at 40 yds. Using the 1st TDS bar it hits on target at 60 yds. At 70 yds. it hits squirrel sized targets when centered between the 1st & 2nd TDS bars.
The rifle's stock work was completed during the summer of 2008 by John Maxson. Gordy Gritters was the only gunsmith of the 3 smiths I checked with who was willing to chamber for the .22 LR at that time. He DID AN EXCELLENT JOB!!!!
The blank I think cost $ 800.00. It was purchased 2006, then when I visited John I always found one I liked better, so I traded. Both are excellent craftsmen.
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