I posted this question in the AR15 RIFLE SECTION but did not get a whole lot of info. Thank you guys that did respond.
I thought i would post in the Night Vision Section and hope to get some more info.
I bought a AR15 7.62x39 cal gun. Itís a cheap brand but a real accurate gun. I want to put a lot of accessories on this gun , really PIMP it out. Every thing but the kitchen sink on this gun because I have other AR15 gunsI hunt with and one that has a D760 scope on it.
Question.... I want to add a light to the rail on this Ar15 Gun , should I even think about using one of these predator hunting lights or go with a more traditional light like a Stream light OR Sure Fire AR15 weapon lights of 1000 to 4000 lumms ? Go with Dual color light , white and red color or 3 colors ? I leaning towards one of these high dollar predator hunting lights like a Wicked LIGHT OR Coyote Reaper, etc. i want to use this light for both predator hunting and Defense Tatical. What do you guys think would give me the brightest light and dual purpose light ? I am stunned on how accurate this Bear Creek Armory 7.62x39 AR15 Gun is with use to be 18 cent around ammo. thanks. Marty