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I have heard about temperature sensitive powder since I started reloading. That was about 1966! I have never run into a problem that I'm aware of with any powder. I suspect temp can make a difference but I have never noticed it. I have never loaded and worked up loads in freezing weather, I like spring weather for working up loads. I have never hunted in weather in the 90+ range either. Make's me sweat to much. I just don't see this as being the problem it's made out to be but I do guarantee you one thing. You think you need it and someone is gonna develop it for you for a price! Manufacturer's are much more tuned into what you want than what you really need!

So you have never worked up a load in the winter or shot in 90+ degree weather but say that temp tolerant powder is not an issue. I have done both and can tell you that some are real sensitive to temperature fluctuations.
Most definetly so. Found that out using AA2520. May not be such an issue on deer sized game or larger, but on coyote and smaller . Yes.