Lots of you guys know I homeschool (5 boys!) Part of our curriculum is doing REAL stuff in the REAL world... This is one of the latest...

My 15yo son, Alex, is bringing the Budget Bushcraft Pack Skinner back to the RainShadow Shop!

Had a TON of people love these little knives! Made with sawmill bandsaw blade steel and micarta grips, sheathed in kydex thermoplastic. Shaving sharp, amazing edge retention and toughness, handy and cheap!

This one is SOLD... He's planning to make more as he has time, so they can be ordered.

Alex is meticulous and detail oriented, he's learned under supervision (and the heat treating will remain under supervision, these are wicked cutters, and they will always be.) His work is as good as mine on these!

This one is now representative, the style and size is almost always the same. 7 1/2 OAL, give or take.

Let me know if you want to order one. The time frame will vary, but no payments will be accepted until you approve the finished work!

(Edit...) $50 delivered

budget1b by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget1a by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

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