The only thing my shotshell press has ever been used for is crimping.

All my coyote shotgun ammo, whether HTL or buckshot, I weigh and pour both powder and shot by hand. I only use new hulls for coyote ammo, so don't ever even have to be concerned with primers.

I got my press off the local classifieds for the very low price I was looking to spend - knowing I'd only be using it to crimp.

A lot of guys prefer to roll crimp TSS, which is done with it's own tools and in that case a shotshell press wouldn't be needed at all. I've never messed with roll crimping myself though, and have been perfectly happy with the results fold crimping.

I bought TSS from Hal Abbott,, he has all the data to go with the shot.

Oh, and you mentioned 3" shells... All my TSS loads are 2-3/4", but Hal has 3" data too.