I have reloaded rifle ammo for years. It kept me plenty busy, but now Iím interested in shotshell reloading for mostly one reason, to make high quality non-toxic loads for predator hunting. Everything must be non-toxic in California and Iím having a really hard time finding good ammo locally, and what little stuff is available is way overpriced, so Iím pretty much forced to reload, or at least thatís what Iíll tell my wife.

I read through a shotshell reloading handbook. However, most books are focused on lead, with a little bit of steel. Neither of which Iím that interested in reloading.

Iím mostly looking into reloading tungsten (the 18 g/cm variety) Iím thinking #2 - #4 for coyote, leaning towards #3 shot. I see very little published data on loads, none really. And so Iím hesitant on pulling the trigger on buying a shotshell press. Itís my understanding, correct me if Iím wrong, they donít really make charge bars for tungsten shot and so Iíll have to weigh out all the shot individually. Making a progressive press nearly pointless? Or can a universal charge bar be used on tungsten? Recommendations on presses and other essentials to get me started, given this scenario is appreciated?

Secondly, since I have yet to see any data for 18g/cm tungsten shot, Iím unsure what wads, powder and fillers and other components Iíll need, and the availability of those components. Iíd hate to buy a press, buy some shot just to find out the components arenít available. Where do you purchase these products? I know that Ballistic Products is a common supplier.

Where are youíll buying your tungsten shot? I see a couple foreign companies doing a quick search and also Prairiewind Decoys, can anyone recommend them or someone else?

I see several people on here are very successful with tungsten on coyotes. I realize I have a ton to learn regarding shotshell reloading, the terminology, etc. especially for tungsten. Itís really frustrating not being able to find ammo that is suitable, so I figured I might as well start reloading because I can get all the components to make ammo shipped to my door, just canít get the ammo to the door. Plus, it will be something to do this summer when itís 110 degrees outside.

This would be for 12 gauge 3Ē shells.