For next year I'd like to have a different set up than what I've got now for night hunting. I don't like the idea of two people on opposite sides of the truck sliding guns at one another into cases in the rear seat of my crew cab truck which is pretty much dedicated hunting / food plotting rig. Despite opening and closing the bolt a dozen times between getting the gun off of the tripod and getting it in the truck I'm still freaked out at muzzles getting pointed at or even towards people. About every other time I say man we've got to do something different but nothing ever happens. I'm curious what other people may have figured out to cure this. I'm thinking about somehow attaching hard cases on top of my truck bed rails with a frame built to support them.
An issue I also hope this also resolved is my radius rangefinder getting upset from being sandwiched in gun cases. I want to step up my three and four hundred yard game but probably the toughest part of that is having a true range on the coyote.

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