We didn't have any results last night on our stand. Just about the time we finished the wind picked up, and kept it from being so still. When my partner dropped me off at my home, I saw a coyote in the field but moving away and too far for a shot. I made a couple of howls on the Lil' dog and a pup distress, but the coyote wasn't having any of it.

About 10:30 I decided to check the field again, and saw two coyotes but again too far and moving away, so I didn't bother them.

About an hour later, I checked the field again figuring the coyotes might come looking for where the earlier howls and pup distress had come from. Sure enough they were coming up the field from the south headed north and one cut over beyond my yard. I almost tried to kill two with one shot, but decided the V-max probably wouldn't give me the penetration needed to do that. So, I took the rear coyote thinking the lead one wouldn't see it fall. The first one was the male and the larger of the two. I killed him at 234 yds. The female ran across another cut and I killed her at 301 yds. Shot her heart out. Here's the pictures and video.

IMG_0566 by Double Up, on Flickr

IMG_0568 by Double Up, on Flickr

Glow Bull Warming:
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