I will add 2 more scanners to the mix. The two Hogster-R models from Bering Optics. They are small enough to function as a scanner but can also be used as a thermal scope. They are actually smaller than the Helion XQ38.

The issue you will encounter with the two models you selected is they are designed with higher base mag and smaller Field Of View. This works OK for a hog hunter for instance who wants to drive to a spot, look at a field from a long way away, and then when they see a hog or hogs make a stalk. Most coyote hunters who walk to a stand and then call and scan continuously are looking for a scanner with a wide FOV as coyotes could approach from many angles. How wide? It depends on terrain and preference. Some coyote hunters like 1x scanners with 24+ degree fields of view, while I personally like a 1.4x to 2.x for the open country I call.

I have included a table with the 2 scanners you mentioned and the Bering Optics. I put MAP pricing down for all units because the prices you quoted on the Axion and Helion were lower than any MAP pricing. If you are using it as a coyote scanner and you have some areas with wooded areas, I would be looking for more FOV than the Key. Just my .02. I would probably recommend the Hogster-R 25mm just based on what you have described in your description. Most of these units will be similar where you will start seeing coyotes in about the 600-900 yard range, and be able to ID them around 200-300. I am not sure why the core in the Hogster does so well in high humidity, but that is also a plus of the Hogsters.

Korey Kirschenmann
Night Goggles - Pro Staff