Had a great morning calling coyotes on Sunday! Made 5 quick stands. Saw 4 coyotes total. Called in 3. Got lucky and shot 2!!

I jumped a coyote at 25 yards on the way to my first stand in the dark. Called in a pair that came in down wind to Mr. Cottontail at 16 minutes on my first stand. The female flared first and then the male followed. As he turned to leave I barked him to a stop at 75 yards.

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The 92g Cavity Back hit him solid breaking both front shoulders. An absolutely devastating bullet against coyotes!

On the third stand I started with Prairie Dog Distress and spotted this female at 1 minute 300 yards away coming in hot. When she got to 75 yards she flared as if something spooked her. As she was leaving I tried barking at her but she wasn’t looking back. I took a shot as she was running away at 125 yards and rolled her! I made a couple more blank stands before calling it a morning.

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I shot the above coyote from the hill behind me

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Carlos Garcia
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