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Guess you can tell it was by a company known for stands, and not packs. How hard would it be to give the volume size of the pack?

There is a lot of room. After one person asked in a previous post:
I looked at mine later.
I carry my fusion caller, remote, two of the lights that mount on my scope, a small tripod for my fusion to sit on and another tripod that my scan light mounts on. I would say it measure 14”x16”x4”. Middle compartment is very close to the same size with a devider across about halfway down.. I carry bike tools and tire repair kit, a thin lined rain jacket in that compartment along with a wither face mask, cpl pair of gloves and a first aid kit, and shotgun shells. And then the smaller compartment is maybe a third the size of the two bigger compartment. I carry some landowner permission lletters, gate keys, a knife, two 10 round AR 15 clips, one of those strap on headlights. It has elastic water bottle holders on both sides, I drop my bipod down one side, through a couple loops and into the water bottle holder. I do most of my hunting from an electric bike so I carry more than most because I venture so far from my truck maybe, all day or night. The pack is comfortable to carry, and quite when folding out the chair. Pack material should last many years. Hope this helps. My next engineering project will be to design hanger that mount on my back rack to hang it on. That way I would hardly ever need to wear it. My rifle scabbard is mounted on the other side.
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