A state is a big place, I just moved to a new state and have been having fun scouting and hunting coyotes, just driving out from my house I doubt I'll be able to get to know every spot in the next ten years. It takes a lot of scouting to really find a lot of coyotes, An out of stater coming in for a week of coyote hunting isn't going to ruin the hunting for me, a dozen wouldn't, even if I invited them to my town, heck we had the PM convention in this part of the state and it didn't hurt the coyote hunting, I stayed after the convention and hunted the area for another month and it was still good hunting. Places hold tournaments and the hunting remains pretty good, I used to hunt the Othello area of WA after they had held two tournaments and there wasn't much difference than before the tournaments.

I wouldn't take a stranger to my favorite places(been there done that duck hunting and paid the price) but I would recommend the general area. Back in WA, "out on the coast" or "south of Raymond" and could still hunt most of the season without seeing another hunter if the spot couldn't be gotten to easily.
After the first shot the rest are just noise.

Make mine a Minaska.

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