I've been pretty busy the past few years and seemed to lost my way here....I logged back in and thankfully remembered my old password.

I haven't been doing a lot of Coyote Hunting the past few years....my Hunting Partner moved to Town and it's been just me Predator Hunting when the chance arrives and being Deer Season with extended hunting opportunities I'm in Deer Mode...hopefully I'll get some hunting in this Winter while I'm on Vacation?

I did manage to put down an old mangy Female Coyote last fall or this Spring since I cant remember unless my photo has a date on it?

Contrary to most Predator Hunting Technics shown in TV I've had my best Luck setting up in an Area I know the Coyotes travel or come in to in the early mornings or late evenings.The Mangy Coyote I shot last had been showing up on my trail cameras for the past 2 years,I was up in our Pine Tree Stand over looking a long open Ridge Field in the morning and was using a Coyote Howler mouth call,I barked a few times then used the smaller green Pup caller and did Pup distress yelps and She came running in along the mowed wood edge looking like a Grey Ghost...She stopped along the woods at around 125 yards to my right..I set the Savage .223 crosshairs on her chest area and let the 55 grain Hornady bullet fly dropping her in her tracks.

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