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Aint many coyotes is Kansas anymore. Stay away from the areas that use greyhounds, the coyotes dont work dogs very good in those areas.
That couldn't be further from the truth. We've got more coyotes than you can shake a stick at. Lots of pups this year too.

btech29 is one of the most respected decoy dog coyote hunters in this country. When he says using decoy dogs in areas that the coyotes are hunted with Greyhounds doesn't work very well, you should probable listen to him.

I don't think there are very many coyote hunters that want to see the specific areas that they hunt in posted on the internet.

I was referring to the coyote population, which is doing just fine. I also didnít mention my specific area in any way. I donít know much about decoy dogging, and wasnít referring to his comments on that. Wasnít trying to be confrontational in any way. I was just responding to his comment that there arenít many coyotes in Kansas, which certainly isnít the case.

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