I hunted coyotes with only one dying rabbit hand call all over Colorado back when I lived there in the late 80's and sometimes I felt like I could call a coyote in a shopping mall it was so easy. LOL

Now that everyone and his brother is running and gunning with ecallers I bet it's a whole new game and they're harder to fool but I haven't been back hunting coyotes out west for a loooong time.

Here in NW Florida if you can call in and kill coyotes you're some kind of coyote calling ninja. It's really really difficult because of all our brush. They'll sneak in behind you and get your scent waaaaay before you ever see one.
The Northwest Florida Piney Woods... Where the coyotes are big as arctic wolves, the bobcats are big as leopards, and the predator hunters have plenty of excuses... wink