I know a lot of you have been hunting them longer than me and hunt them more often. I have a couple different theories about E-calls. I wonder if coyotes remember different sounds or if maybe the E-calls have a different sound that they can hear. I have about 1000 acres of private land including my own that I hunt right here. And probably about the same that I can drive to. When I first got an Icotec it worked. It seemed it worked less and less over time. I got a foxpro. It worked and then worked less and less. and then the mouth calls have worked. And I know it's not a big area and it only holds so many coyotes but it's more than people think. I live in some prime habitat and know of 4 different packs just in my area. I also know a lot of people who have E-calls and no idea really of how to use them. I may be wrong but it's what it seems like to me