Thanks everybody. I'll keep it around. I walk a lot and I carry a gun, vanguard bipod and a small stool that folds up. When I take the Banshee I usually put it in a back pack or sometimes a range bag type thing with a shoulder strap. I bought new rechargable batteries for it about a month or 2 ago. Before that sometimes the remote wouldn't work more than 5 feet away even when the batteries were fully charged. It was really annoying putting the caller out, come back sit and hit a button and nothing. I'd have to get up, walk up to it and hit whatever sound and it would work then walk away. I only went out once with it after buying batteries so I guess it fixed it. It worked just fine sometimes though so I can't say for sure if it's fixed. In the mean time I've found I called more in with mouth calls and I think it has a lot to do with so many people having foxpros. After reading all the replies I'll have to think about where it will fit in or work better than mouth calls. I know a few places that are hard to call with mouth calls.