I am pretty lucky because I get to call coyotes on quite a bit of private property. From what I have seen it only takes 3 or 4 times of calling a area within a month or two to make the coyotes much smarter about running towards any type of distress sound.

Even if you kill every coyote you call in there are other coyotes out there that got educated while you are killing the coyotes you did call in.

Foxpro has probable 100 or more distress sounds that I have called in coyotes with. I use about 30 different Foxpro distress sounds to call in coyotes right up close to my Foxpro callers.

I don't believe coyotes quit coming into a Foxpro caller because they have heard every Foxpro sound. If a coyote runs towards any type of distress sounds and smells a human or gets shot at they are learning about distress sounds being a problem for them.

If 5 guys are hunting a area fairly often with hand calls and getting the coyotes educated do you think you could go to that area with a Foxpro distress sound and have the coyotes run right up to your Foxpro? I don't think so.

Smart coyotes that are being pressured with distress calls are not keeping track of ten different hand call distress sounds and 20 different Foxpro distress sounds that they have heard before and are just waiting for a new distress sound to run towards.

I do try not to use the same distress sounds when I go back to a area with my Foxpro callers. But back in the old days I used a Johnny Stewart Super Jack cassette tape for 4 or 5 months and did pretty good with just one sound.

For call shy coyotes the Foxpro coyote vocal sounds, pup distress sounds and coyote growls work great on coyotes that have been educated to rabbit and bird distress sounds.

It is much easier to call in coyotes if they think they are hearing other coyotes. If you can make it sound like a coyote fight in December, January and February you can have great results.

Using the actual recording sounds of coyotes is the best way I know of to have a coyote think you are a coyote.
Foxpro Field Staff