I started predator hunting about 5 years ago with a couple cheap mouth calls. Reading the internet made me think it was so much easier and I would have coyotes tripping over each other with an E-caller. So I bought an Icotec. It was ok and I was somewhat successful. But they weren't tripping over eachother... I used that a while but the grass is always greener so I had to spend more money to be more successful.
Of course I bought a FoxPro Banshee and used that for a while. It worked at first but I got sick of packing it. It was heavy. And it got to where I would see less and less coyotes with it. A couple times the rechargable batteries acted up or one went bad and I was stuck in the field packing a call that didn't work. It just became a pain. The last time the batteries acted up and I couldn't get it to come on I used a mouth call and had one come right in.
A week later I went out with just mouth calls and had another successful hunt. So I started leaving it at home and taking just mouth calls. I have had fairly good success. A lot more than with the Foxpro, so now I'm back to just mouth calls.
I think too many people have foxpros around here. Coyotes know the sounds. Mouth calls have been working great for me and are a lot lighter. Has anybody else went back to mouth calls after using E-calls?