Yes we are screwed here in Va. Northam is a nut, according to him it's ok to kill a baby AFTER it is born but our rifles are evil. Also on his agenda is removing all civil war monuments, expanding medicaid (including for illegals) and allowing illegal's to vote. All this from a man who wore a black face in his college yearbook and had the nickname "coonman" but now says that he doesn't remember that so it must not have been him.

We can forget our AR's, they're gone after the next General Assembly. But according to Northam's definition of "assault weapon" almost every rifle except a single shot could be an "assault weapon". Some of his criteria are any rifle with a threaded barrel, any type of muzzle device, a thumb hole stock, a pistol grip stock, a collapsible stock, and here is the scary one, any rifle "capable" of accepting a magazine capable holding more than 10 rounds. What does "capable of accepting a magazine" mean?

In Va we are unfortunately controlled by the Northern Va vote. All liberals up there and dependent on the government for their high paying do nothing government jobs. By region Va voted about 80% Republican but the population base up there overrules the rest of us. I really wish they would Make DC a state and annex Northern Va.