I seriously think scope selection is a very personal thing. If I had to take a 400 yard shots I'd consider it a failed stand, something went wrong. Most of my shots are under 100 yards and I have more under 20 yards than over 200. But that is also the type of terrain I like to hunt also.

I call predators, the calling them in close is the RUSH for me. I don't worry about seeing a coyote on my way to a stand, I carry my rifle in a back scabbard/pack. If I had the desire to just kill coyotes I have about a hundred foothold and even more snares stored in the garage if I want to start trapping again.

So I gear my equipment for the terrain I expect to hunt.

Thicker cover, I use a number of combo guns rifle/shotgun with 1-4x20mm scopes mounted on them for the huge FOV, fast target acquisition and the ability to track moving animals and see openings before the critter gets into them, they stay on 1x unless I need more.

More open country a bolt gun in 222 Rem or 22-204 with a 1.5-6x40mm gets the nod.

Big open grass lands and wheat fields I have a 22-250 with a 2.5-10x40mm. I don't hunt that country very often and the few times I've done it everything has come in quite close and I haven't killed one over 50 yards. I rarely take it on a trip anymore.

I like to see at least a 40' FOV on the bottom end. even open country it is amazing how many coyotes can sneak in undetected and magically appear at 50 or less yards and just stick their heads up out of long grass or depression. Some of the newer scopes with 6x magnification or more might be just the ticket. I just can't justify the cost. A $200 Leupold Freedom will kill all the coyotes I care to shoot and leaves me with $800+ dollars to fund hunting trips and gas. The last coyote I killed at the convention and my egg shoot scope cost me $30. I bought 2 for $60 and they are just as clear and sharp as they were 50 yrs ago Bausch & Lomb Balvar 8's. I don't even need turrets as I can hold on fur as far as I care to shoot.

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