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I have moved on this was just a topic for discussion for the forum. Good cop Bad cop style.

we must not be reading the same post.

but you keep beleiving that when the only content on this site that you've chosen to participate in is one bashing wardens in a he said/she said type of way.

you claimed to have concrete evidence and withheld it and are still upset that he's out there doing his thing.

you had your chance to make a difference and for some reason refused to. you went 100% badcop from the start and only mentioned the good in the warden after being called on it.

again - if you had the images, why didnt you submit them? it would have made it an open and shut case - yet you're still here claiming a cover up. any judge, etc would have dismissed your claim when you failed to produce the evidence you claimed to have but refused to share.

thats wearing plaids and stripes at the same time - just doesnt match.
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