I have the tripod Trigger Stick tall (Jim Shockey?) & short model and a big burley carbon fiber tripod ( weighs only 4 pounds) named INDURO CLT303 with the Reaper Grip

I actually like the short tripod trigger stick much better then the tall one. They work perfectly when adjusting on uneven terrain.

The tall tripod trigger stick is "ok" Its just not a rock solid steady mount, but it does work. The short Trigger stick is perfect when used sitting down.

Tall Trigger Stick

The INDURO CLT303 with the Reaper Grip is ROCK solid. The tripod is rated to hold over 40 pounds. It can be adjusted for standing or prone positions, but it is more cumbersome to adjust then the Trigger sticks.

And then there is the money. The Induro CLT303 is expensive brand new, but you can find them used on ebay.
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