That is my understanding of it as well, if it looks darker, it has lower light transmission.

You would really need to take the scope(s) outside to look through them,for a proper test.

Some years ago, Nikon was advertising 'up to 98%' light transmission. When you read the 'fine print' they said it was Per Lens. So, with 7-8 lenses per scope, the actual light transmission would be closer to 84-86%.

I am not a fan of Nikon for 2 reasons:1) there are lots of vendors selling Refurbished Nikon scopes, so I wonder how many crap out on people;
2) Go to or and try to find a riflescope on there. You wont! I suspect Nikon doesn't want to 'offend' the camera customers by informing them Nikon also sells 'bloodsports' equipment.

If Nikon is ashamed of me, screw them.
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