I have owned Honda Trail 90 motorcycles for a lot of years. I take it to the mountains when we go camping just to ride on the logging roads. I have packed deer and elk quarters with no problem. For the last several years I have used it to navigate ranches while coyote hunting, Yesterday I was on a ranch trying to do the rancher a favor and dispose of a suspected calf killer. I was riding a cow trail next to a pretty steep little draw when the front tire hit a rock and jerked the bike to the right and right toward the draw. I certainly did not want to go there so I quite unceramoniously and suddenly laid it down an its left side. I got it upright and horsed it back to the trail. It had died and after a little inspection I determined that the spark plug wire had been disconnected. Fixed that and it fired right up. Only damage to the bike was a bent mirror that I broke trying to straighten.

Me, not so lucky. Scrapes and abrasions on both legs, a knot on my elbow the size of a tennis ball, and a very sore shoulder and ribs. No, I didn't get the coyote. I can hardly wait to get back out there and give it another go. My wife says that a motorcycle is nothing for an 83 year old man to be riding anyway.

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