So any of you spend much time in idaho units 10 & 12? Im curious about bear densities. Looking at where to do some spring bear hunting, i see that 10 and 12 are open through june 30th for all 3 bear, lion and wolf. For that reason id like to hunt bears there, to be able to maximize my opportunity by being able to notch a wolf or lion tag if i call one in.
Im also interested in your take on bear densities in units 7 & 9, since those 2 units are open for bear through july 31st, which leads me to believe there must be a very healthy number of bears there.
So, any knowledge about bear densities in those 4 units would be great. Also, since ill be hunting via calling, i have to ask, are grizz numbers very high there? Or is it like the selkirks where there are some grizz, but not exactly a thriving population worthy of significant concern when calling?