Got to head up and do a lil salmon fishing this past weekend. weather was typical fall - on and off rain, chilly, colors just starting and generally awesome.

we fished both the big south branch of the Pere Marquette SW of baldwin and the betsie river in benzonia this year.

had a bunch of solid fights, but the fish were large and feisty this year so we only managed to bring two home.

To be expected i guess when you're only fishing 12 lb tippet smile

mine was 37" x 20" (girth) estimated at about 20-21 lbs, cousin landed a 35" x 18" right around 16-17 lbs. both came from the betsie.

Cousin did also manage to land a 12" resident brown over on the PM, and we both lost a couple chinook there as well, but were unable to bring any salmon to the net - much to the dismay of extended family who lives there. nice bonus on the brown as it was the last weekend for standard "type 1" trout fishing here in the state.

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