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I see it at range days all the time, not everyone has the same ability or the same quality level of equipment. That's why there often disagreement and discussion about caliber choice and observational performance.

I'm the range chairman at our club and see what spotstalkshoot is talking about on a daily basis. Also whats good enough for them isn't going to work at all for me or you. I know a guy that if he can hit a paper plate at 100yds, thats plenty good enough.

I think these are valid points. I shoot a lot and I shoot a lot of coyotes. I have used everything fron a .17Rem to a .308 to a 12 gauge. I've had runners on just about everone of those at some point. I don't jump right to the caliber. I look at the shot placement first then look at the results of the shot, if I can. Once had a coyote take a dead on chest hit from my .308 and it spun and tried to run. A quick follow up anchored it. The first shot had completely unzipped it's left side. So something caused the shot to veer off after it entered. Was that one enough for me to give up on the caliber? No way. I would just as quickly grab my 17, 204, 223, 6.5g or 308 and go out without hesitation.

Mama always said, coyotes are like a box of chocolates...