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Psycho dog, you're the kind of person I'm talking to... If you can't hit the can 20/20 you should be embarrassed!

LOL, I get plenty of range time. I'm the rifle range chairman at my gun club. Usually there 3-7 times a week. Sometimes working and sometimes shooting but trust me, I get plenty of range time. Those that know me know how I shoot. I'm just saying most...including me might have a tough time hitting 20/20 pop cans off shooting sticks at 100yds. Give me a decent rifle rest and there won't be a problem. As far as wounding animals, I take sensible shots at reasonable distances. If I think its to far away, I don't shoot. Been a long time since I wounded anything. Not counting your feelings. unsure

I think what he means is that practicing from a bench at a rifle range is not as effective as practicing actual field shooting positions. Let's face it, MOST hunters do not practice field positions such as seated with shooting stix and it shows when they transition from the bench to the field.

I personally have never attempted 20 continuous shots at a soda can, but I have spent countless hours plinking at stuff with 22s from every position. And I regularly plink rocks and targets etc with my hunting rifle off stix pretty much every time I go out and on dedicated outings.

The only time I ever use a bench or range is for comfort/convenience during load development and testing.
Aim small miss small.