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I think another thing that guys out west don't take into account is they see and get an opportunity to shoot a lot of coyotes and can possibly remain more calm with the added experience from many more shot opportunities. I know most guys over here towards Illinois lose their ever-loving mind when a coyote gets into range in the daylight. They want nothing more than to kill that coyote but the chances are few and far between. It's 99% mental.

Not living out west is not an excuse for your lack of practice. And I'm pretty sure not everyone in Illinois pissess down both legs the way you do when they see an animal.

Can you explain to me how you practice simulating nerves when a coyote is charging in oh wizard of the west? Shot opportunities is really the only way. Almost anyone can hit a coyote sized target all day when shooting or practicing. While I don't kill everything I shoot at I never directly mentioned myself, I said most guys. You seem to have not been able to comprehend my post....desert heat getting to to you? Most guys get fewer than a handful of shots and some none each year here day calling. Don't believe I mentioned anything about pizzing but ya most guys get awful jack up.

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