Like all forms of hunting you don't have to be a very good shot to hit a critter at most calling distance. The issue lies in rushing the shot and not settling the crosshairs or sight pin. It's about nerves and has little or nothing to do with folks not being able to hit a pop can at 100 yards. The other issue is plain and simple a lot of guys are using the Whitetail shot placement mentality on coyotes behind the shoulder and that doesn't work 100% of the time on coyotes. You can put a fist-sized hole through one there and they'll still run. But when the nerves kick in and you go into what some guys will call autopilot the crosshairs automatically settled back there behind the shoulder for a lot of guys me included. Coyotes are a funny critter when it comes to shop placement seems a pop gun will kill him if you hit him just right but you can run a train through em behind the shoulder and they'll still run.

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