Well guys I got my BLM maps in today. I ordered 5 maps. Glendive (2010), Sidney (2013), Culbertson (2009), Plentywood (2003), and Opheim (2017).

I have a few questions. The numbers behind each map above indicates the edition. Do they change very often or is like the Plentywood map of 2003 the most up to date map for that area?

2nd question. Can I hunt the yellow blocks which indicate Public Lands and Monuments (admin. by BLM)?

3rd question. On the Opheim map, I see a lot of pink blocks which indicate Bankhead-Jones land use. Can you hunt these areas?

Lastly, I have a Garmin Alpha dog tracking / shocking system. Garmin sells cards for each state . The Alpha can read the cards and shows property owners, property lines, and an aerial overview of the land. Have any of you seen the Montana card and does it show these BLM lines?