Kirsch outdoor chip for my truck GPS was a great addition for my MT forays(I have the old 10 state chip, I think it is eight or nine states now as they have so much info on them). I also have a loose-leaf binder that I keep with all the BLM maps for the area I'm going to hunt. The GPS is great for knowing where you are at but the maps let you layout your travel routes the night before. BLM maps also Reclamation lands, state land, reservation boundries etc.

Buy your BLM maps from the local BLM office via telephone, they are half the price of doing it on line.

I have loose-leaf binders set up for MT,WA,CO,NV,AZ and NM. You can get two maps in each page of the binder using HD clear cover pages.

Things to do. If you have the time many of the local towns are so small they play 6 man High School football there, the games are fun to watch.

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Make mine a Minaska.

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