Back from the dead....

I sold my house and havent been on here much but things are moving along, I'm living in a RV trailer and I own a couple large piles of logs that will be a house someday.

So far I have purchased around 18 cord of Red Cedar for the cordwood exterior and I have a small mountain of oak and maple to saw into posts, beams and lumber for anything interior.

A customer of mine's father has a TimberKing 1600 with 8' extension that I rented. The mill has sat for the last 3 to 4 years in a Minnesotan leanto and the owner is in a retirement home... I cleaned and lubed the heck out of it plus replaced a couple bad hydraulic hoses and it should be cutting later today.

I made an offer on 25 acres this morning but the lot is a bit of a legal fiasco with the land being bank owned and previous owners the neighbors with some deed restrictions on the 8 acres of hay field on the 25 acre property... But things arent looking bad and one of my oldest customers is a realtor and contractor for the last 35 years and is giving me some pro bono help, legal team and all.

SO...... I still have buckets of questions... I have no question whether I can build the cabin or not but dang if I can figure out all the legal asssss-clappery.