Last year my parents came for a visit in early May, and my dad, son, and I hit a nearby lake for a bit of fishing.

This year, the folks came down earlier to spend some time with the kids over their spring break. We boys made it out for a couple mornings of pretty decent fishing. Here are a few pictures that share our time on the water.

Here is a decent white bass I caught early on. Notice my dad fighting one of his own in the background.

Not longer after, my son boated this one.

Several times we had two fish on at once. Here's a pair that my son and I boated at the same time.

And then the kid doubled up with Grandpa.

We called it a day just after lunch, and even though we released quite a few, we had a pretty good haul. Fish tacos here we come.

A couple days later, we had to do it again. I landed the first one of the morning and practiced my mad selfie skills. w00t (Oh, be sure to notice the hat!)

But the kid would not be outdone.

Then Papa and I showed him how it was done. grin

We even pulled a walleye from the depths, which made for a little fun.

Given our previous haul (which were already in the freezer), we turned most loose, but saved enough for a good fish fry.
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